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He resigned his offices in 1600, and died on the 13th of October 1605. In the summer of 1818 he resigned his mastership, and, in order to increase the probability of obtaining a permanent appointment in the church, took up his residence in Edinburgh. He looked comically resigned to the idea. When he resigned office in the early 'eighties he established the Semmon Gako, or school for special studies, at the cost of the 30,000 yen which had been voted him when he received the title of count, and subsequently he was instrumental in founding other schools and colleges. The girls won’t be resigned. Cogswell just resigned when he saw what he was up against. and Catherine of Aragon, but gradually withdrawing into the background he resigned the office of lord chancellor in 1515, and was succeeded by Wolsey, whom he had consecrated as bishop of Lincoln in the previous year. I hear on the bush telegraph that the manager has resigned. 6 Governor Quitman resigned because of charges against him of aiding Lopez's expedition against Cuba. In 1862 he again was appointed minister, but with others of his colleagues he resigned when the king refused his assent to a measure for extending the franchise. He had already decided upon a literary career, and after brief service in the navy he resigned and for a time was connected with the Army and Navy Journal. At the Council of Salisbury in 1116 the English king ordered Thurstan to submit, but instead he resigned his archbishopric, although this did not take effect. Dasinger shrugged resignedly, recapped the tube, and dropped it in his pocket. In the face of this uncompromising display of opposition there could be no hope for the Coalition planned by Clam-Martinitz for the creation of a new Austria, and on June 19 he resigned. After the murder of the duc de Berry and the enforced retirement of Decazes, he again became president of the council (21st February 1821); but his position was untenable owing to the attacks of the "Ultras" on the one side and the Liberals on the other, and on the 12th of December he again resigned. The without controversy or delay, tender his resignation. He sighed resignedly and pressed the push-button on his desk. Lots of people resigned from well-paid jobsकई लोगों नें अपनी बडी तनख्वाह वाली नौकरियाँ छोड दीं, 2. Waiting only for the decisive victory of Buxar over the allied forces of Bengal and Oudh, he resigned his seat and sailed for England in November 1764. When her father, on discovering that Iocaste, the mother of his children, was also his own mother, put his eyes out and resigned the throne of Thebes, she accompanied him into exile at Colonus. Then, as he had incurred too much of the odium of a creature of Concini to hope for royal favour, he resigned himself to the post of chief adviser to Marie de' Medici in her exile at Blois. He was resigned to the fact that an expensive vacation would have to wait. Having settled at Cambridge in 1796, Gregory first acted as sub-editor on the Cambridge Intelligencer, and then opened a bookseller's shop. He resigned in 1894, and in 1900 was appointed president of the House of Magnates, an office which he resigned on the fall of the Liberal party in 1906. After two years he resigned his lectureship in order to devote more time to research work, and was elected John Harling fellow. He resigned office at the restoration, but finally followed his party in rallying to the dynasty; he was appointed vice-president of congress, and was subsequently a senator. Mutinous troops seized the parliament house and the telegraph offices; the grand vizier resigned and was succeeded by Tewfik Pasha (April 14); and delegates were sent by the Liberal Union, the association of Ulema and other bodies to discuss terms with the committee. The government were defeated on an amendment in committee, and thereupon resigned. He was included in Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman's cabinet at the close of 1905 as lord privy seal, an office which he retained in 1908 when Mr Asquith formed his new ministry, but which he resigned later in the same year. But in 1775 he resigned this position also, and passed his time with various friends in Geneva and Vaud, engaged in carrying his historical scheme into effect. 2. The election of 1871 gave the Democrats a majority in the legislature; Governor Bullock, fearing impeachment, resigned, and at a special election James M. Before his death he voluntarily resigned his position to his pupils, Euander and Telecles. (adjective) Dictionary ! 2 Resigned in 1874 to become (March 4, 1875) U.S. senator from Maryland. The Prime Minister regretfully accepted the resignation of his Finance Minister. In August 1903 the Hime ministry resigned and was succeeded by a cabinet under the premiership of Mr (afterwards Sir) George Sutton, the founder of the wattle industry in Natal and one of the pioneers in the coal-mining industry. Click for more examples 1. Thereupon the president of the council resigned, and the power was transferred to the king's plenipotentiary and adviser, Canovas del Castillo. 16. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Several universities were eager to obtain his services, and he had accepted a post offered him by the elector palatine at Heidelberg, when he died suddenly on the 12th of September, 1672. The post of chancellor Campbell held for only sixteen days, and then resigned it to his successor Sir Edward Sugden (Lord St Leonards). After a regular term of office of six years of peace and moral and material progress Castilla resigned, and General Jose Echenique was elected president. At the dissolution in the spring of 1768 he was returned by Sir Lawrence Dundas for Richmond as a Tory, but in the questions that arose over John Wilkes he took the popular side of "Wilkes and liberty," and resigned his seat in May 1769. After five years of government service he resigned to become a jewel merchant. Synonym: abject, resigned, unhopeful. Resigned in a sentence. In Piedmont the Pinelli-Revel ministry, which had continued the negotiations for an alliance with Leopold and the pope, resigned as it could not count on a parliamentary majority, and in December the returned exile Gioberti formed a new ministry. He resigned his professorship in 1807, and died on the 27th of January 1823. (5) The director resigned in protest at the decision. In April 1861 he resigned from the United States army and entered the Confederate service. 18. See more. Because she was sick and could no longer work full-time, Nancy had to resign from the post office and stay home the rest of the year. This was too much even for Lord John Russell, and after a short and decisive correspondence Lord Palmerston resigned the seals of office. died in 1747, pietism lost its sway; the theatre was reopened and Holberg was appointed director, but he soon resigned this arduous post. He held at the same time the chaplaincy of Lincoln's Inn, for which he had resigned Guy's (1846-1860), but when he offered to resign this the benchers refused. Princess Patricia of Connaught resigned her royal title on her marriage, and elected to be known as Lady Patricia Ramsay. It's difficult to see resigned to in a sentence . In 1890 he resigned the professorship, and in 1893 he was appointed director of the Bureau of Weights and Measures, a post which he occupied till his death. Sheridan resignedon 13 January 2016 after just 14 league games to take up the manager's job at Oldham Athletic. He resigned as manager after eight years: 17. Another word for resigned. He resigned his seat in the Convention on the 20th of January. The man seemed to resign himself. He refused, for a time, to be driven, but because of their continued attacks, together with his ambition to become president, and because Tyler favoured the annexation of Texas while he was opposed to it, he resigned in May 1843. Flies cowering, and resigns his wonted prey. In 1818 he became ordinary professor of practical philosophy, but in 1836 he resigned and took up his residence at Kirchheim, where he devoted his whole attention to philosophical studies. Failing health obliged him to retire in 1838, and he died at Woolwich on the 2nd of February 1841. In 1864, his health being seriously impaired, he resigned public work as pastor of Free St John's (May 17), although his nominal connexion with the congregation ceased only with his death. There he had been informed in confidence of the renewal by the Allies of their treaty binding them to interfere in case of a renewal of revolutionary trouble in France; and it was partly owing to this knowledge that he resigned office in December of the same year, on the refusal of his colleagues to support a reactionary modification of the electoral law. In May 1860 he was appointed instructor of cavalry at West Point, but resigned on the secession of Virginia. It has come to my knowledge that he resigned: 14. He resigned office on the 23rd of January 1 793, two days after the king's execution. Examples of resign in a sentence, how to use it. Lloyd Lynford started off angry, but now he sounds resigned. He had by this time established his reputation as a publicist, and, when the consular government was established in the year VIII (1799), he was selected as one of the hundred members of the tribunate, and resigned, in consequence, the direction of the Decade. In 1917 he was appointed officer in charge of the Canadian war records, and in 1918 entered the Government as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in succession to Lord Cawley and director of the Ministry of Information in succession to Sir Edward Carson, but resigned in Oct. Governor Ames, when the impeachment charges against him were dismissed on the 29th of March 1876, immediately resigned. Dr Smith resigned his chair at Lane Seminary, and entered the Congregational ministry. The election, which witnessed the return of four Labour members, resulted in a ministerial majority of a somewhat heterogeneous character, and in November 1906 Mr Smythe resigned, being succeeded by Mr F. He resigned his benefice in 1773 and betook himself to the study of the law and philology. Resigned in a sentence. High quality example sentences with “resigned as a director” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Upon the accession of President McKinley in 1897, he resigned from the Senate and became secretary of state; but under the tension of the war with Spain the duties of the office became too exacting for his strength at his age, and in April 1898 he resigned and withdrew into private life. 31, 1810) occupied Seville and escaping thence to Cadiz, the Supreme Junta resigned its powers to a regency of five members (Feb. Home wisely resigned his charge in 1757, after a visit to London, where Douglas was brought out at Covent Garden on the 14th of March. After a highly prosperous reign this prince resigned in favour of his brother, Nazr Mehemet, under whom the country was greatly troubled by the rebellion of his sons, who continued to quarrel with each other after their father's death. In 1836 he was called by Sir Francis Bond Head (1793-1875), the lieutenant-governor, to the executive council, but finding himself without influence, and compelled to countenance measures to which he was opposed, he resigned within a month. Villele resigned within a year, but on the fall of Richelieu at the end of 1821 he became the real chief of the new cabinet, in which he was minister of finance. Bain resigned his professorship in 1880 and was succeeded by William Minto, one of his most brilliant pupils. Translations in context of "I RESIGNED" in english-finnish. Sentences Menu. This act, however, met with such strong opposition that he resigned office on the 23rd of November 1891, and Vice-President Floriano Peixoto assumed the presidency. He was elected to the Dominion House of Commons in 1896, but resigned in protest against Canadian participation in the S. He entered the academy of Dr Philip Doddridge at Northampton, became minister of a congregation formed by a fusion of Presbyterians and Independents at High Street Chapel, Shrewsbury (1741), received Presbyterian ordination there (1745), resigned in 1766 owing to ill-health, and lived in retirement at Kidderminster until his death. Dictionary ... On the 10th of December 1701 Newton resigned his professorship, thereby at the same time resigning his fellowship at Trinity, which he had held with the Lucasian professorship since 1675 by virtue of the royal mandate. Mizzi cared little for a constitution that did not make him complete master of the situation, and resigned his post in the government. In 754 he resigned his archbishopric in favour of Lull, and took up again his earliest plan of a mission to Frisia; but on the 5th of June 754 he and his companions were massacred by the heathen near Dockum. Robertson, Democratic Republican (resigned). In 1381 Leopold granted to the citizens the privilege of having a town council, while in 1462 the bishops resigned all rights of jurisdiction over the town to the Habsburgers, so that its later history is merged in that of Tirol. His policy of never interfering in strikes and leaving even violent demonstrations undisturbed at first proved successful, but indiscipline and disorder grew to such a pitch that Zanardelli, already in bad health, resigned, and Giolitti succeeded him as prime minister (November 1903). During his brief tenure of office (it lasted only for one year) he carried out several important measures, including that for the liberation of the press, which, while almost universally popular, complicated his relations with the directors at home to such an extent that he resigned the service of the Company in 1838. ‘Three years later, they are resigned to the demands of parenthood.’ ‘Instead he seems to be happily resigned to it.’ ‘There was a new tone not previously heard in his voice, a resigned one.’ ‘He seems to be resigned to the fact that there will be no indictments.’ ‘He does seem resigned to her presence now.’ definitions. He then definitely resigned public employment and devoted himself to the study of Greek. He resigned in 1851, but was again elected in 1857, and continued as a member from that year until the secession of his state in 1861. It's difficult to see resigned in a sentence . On the introduction of Bismarck's plan for the acquisition of the railways by the state, Delbriick resigned office, nominally on the ground of ill-health (June 1, 1876). resigning example sentences. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Examples of resigned in a sentence: 1. On the union of the two Canadas he became (1841) a member of the executive council under Lord Sydenham, but soon resigned on the question of responsible government. He did not long continue to officiate, as many of the so-called "constitutional" clergy did; for, on the 21st of January 1791, he resigned the see of Autun, and in the month of March was placed under the ban of the church by the pope. Ordained in 1662, he successively held the livings of Little Easton in Essex, Brighstone (sometimes called Brixton) in the Isle of Wight, and East Woodhay in Hampshire; in 1672 he resigned the last of these, and returned to Winchester, being by this time a prebendary of the cathedral, and chaplain to the bishop, as well as a fellow of Winchester College. The Obligatory Civil Marriage Bill, the State Registries Bill and the Religion of Children of Mixed Marriages Bill, were finally adopted on the 21st of June 1894, after fierce debates and a ministerial interregnum of ten days (June 10-20); but on the 25th of December, Wekerle, who no longer possessed the king's confidence,' resigned a second time, and was succeeded by Baron Dersb (Desiderius) Banffy. I'll do what I'm supposed to. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Finding himself unequal to the labour of teaching, he resigned his professorship in 1785, and devoted himself to the revision of his lectures, which he published (1792) under the title of Principles of Moral and Political Science. But he resigned office on the heavy defeat of his party at the elections in December. He was in 1762 ordained minister of the church of Kirkcudbright, a position which he soon resigned; in 1767 the degree of doctor in divinity was conferred on him by Marischal College, Aberdeen. Between 842 and 846 he was chosen abbot, but as a disciplinarian he was more energetic than successful, and about 851 he resigned the office. Resigned definition: If you are resigned to an unpleasant situation or fact , you accept it without... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Owing to failing health he gave up his lectures in 1904, and in May 1906 resigned his mastership, in which he was succeeded by James Leigh Strachan-Davidson, who had previously for some time, as senior tutor and fellow, borne the chief burden of college administration. Thou hast resigned thy destiny. 4. There are 45 example sentences for resigned, and this page shows no. Sentence with the word resigned (These "step down" announcements in the music world have a whiff of anticlimax when it emerges that the person who has "resigned" is actually sticking around for months and months to come. On the 25th of March 1761 Bute succeeded Lord Holderness as secretary of state for the northern department, and Pitt resigned in October on the refusal of the government to declare war against Spain. He thereupon resigned the governorship of Cape Colony, while retaining the post of high commissioner. She has resigned from the Government: 12. He resigned after revelations about his affair: 13. 's first cabinet. The Germans thereupon paralyzed the Prague Diet by means of obstruction, upon which the Czech members of the Beck Cabinet left it, and the prime minister, seeing himself abandoned by both Germans and Czechs, resigned on Nov. Heaven to thy charge resigns the awful hour! Lots of people resigned from well-paid jobsकई लोगों नें अपनी बडी तनख्वाह वाली नौकरियाँ छोड दीं, 2. If she had not resigned, she would have been terminated. In 1333 he was appointed archbishop of Canterbury and he resigned the chancellorship in the following year; however, he held this office again from 1335 to 1337 and for about two months in 1340. resigned sentence in English. He compressed his lips and shrugged his shoulders, resignedly. The children did not want to stop playing, but they resignedly put their toys away at their mother's request. The Prime Minister regretfully accepted the resignation of his Finance Minister. (3) He resigned himself entirely to his wife's will. He resigned from the army in March 1779, on account of illhealth, renewed the study of law, was admitted to the bar at Albany in 1782, and began to practise in New York city after its evacuation by the British in the following year. Wilkinson then resigned (March 1778) his newly-acquired commission, but later re-entered the service in the quartermaster, He died in London on the 19th of general's department, and was clothier-general from July 1779 to March 1781. In January 1768, offended by the growing influence of the Bedford faction which joined the government, Conway resigned the seals of office, though he was persuaded by the king to remain a member of the cabinet and "Minister of the House of Commons.". In 1918 he resigned from the House to enter the Cabinet of President Wilson as Secretary of the Treasury, succeeding William G. Martin, deceased, and he resigned as Secretary of the Treasury. During the Reconstruction period he favoured the congressional plan rather than that of President Johnson, and on this account resigned the district-attorneyship. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "resign" The Prime Minister regretfully accepted the resignation of his Finance MinisterSome people think President Bill Clinton should have resigned because of his sex scandal. The report, however, sealed the fate of the Giolitti cabinet, and on the 24th of November it resigned amid general execration. I'm resigned to having to work this weekend. Having rejected proposals to assist in the restoration of Charles II., Henry was recalled to England in June 1659 just after his brother's fall; quietly obeying this order he resigned his office at once. Everett's tastes, however, were then, as always, those of a scholar; and in 1815, after a service of little more than a year in the pulpit, he resigned his charge to accept a professorship of Greek literature in Harvard College. I tried to appear resigned to defeat. The next morning—Sunday—Cynthia's mood climbed to somewhere between a blue funk and resigned neutrality. Thirteen trustees, including Macartney, refused to do so and resigned in 1936. During the next few days he grew weaker and resigned himself to death. There are 45 example sentences for resigned. It is ultimately derived from the Latin verb resignāre, meaning “give up” or “unseal, invalidate, destroy.”. resigned sentence in English. Since he had made so many successful movies, the director felt it was time to hang up his hat and announce his resignation. Rivadavia resigned, and Vicente Lopez, a Federalist, was elected to succeed him, but was speedily displaced by Manuel Dorrego (1827), another representative of the same party. In 1853 he became corporation counsel of New York City, but resigned soon afterward to become secretary of the U.S. legation in London, under James Buchanan. She recalled clearly the decision she'd forced him to make and kicking him out of her bed, the moment he resigned his soul to her to save his friend's life. In the next year he served on three commissions for the defence of the northern counties. The duke's share in the coalition against France made his service incompatible with Constant's political opinions, which were already definitely republican, and, on the dissolution of his marriage in 1794, he resigned his post.

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