port alberni sockeye run 2020

June is also when the first migrating coho will enter the sound. Sproat Lake and Great Central Lake are usually quite productive in the early and mid- spring months. In the Sound, salmon fishing has been consistent during the spring months. Areas 23 and 123 (Bamfield, Port Alberni) Area map Area maps. The salmon arrive in good numbers on a daily basis and as eager as they are to get to their spawning grounds, they are as eager to heavily feast before making their way to their final destination. The Somass Sockeye in-season stock assessment program will be in place in 2020. Tomic Plugs and 6″ and 7″ Road Runner spoons are often the best gear. Port Alberni: elders will be served 9am-12pm, other citizens 1-3pm at Dry Creek Park. These hootchies are either O-15 or O-16. Regardless of where you are fishing, July is a wonderful month to get out on the water in the many Pacific Rim areas. But the 2020 sport- fishing season likely will not see any boat traffic in the Alberni Inlet, as the numbers of sockeye migrating back to the Somass River system are very low. Cree, Austin Island, Sail Rock, Great Bear, Meares, Edward King, and Beale can produce some excellent Chinook weighing from the mid teens to the mid 20-lb range. Favourite hoochies are the AORL12, Green Spatterback, J-79, Purple Haze, Jack Smith, and a variety of needle fish hoochies. The sport fishing out on the Big Bank, South Bank, and even Long Beach can have non-stop action with some very quick results, with opportunities to land not only Chinook but hatchery coho and halibut. Fishermen and women are preparing for another fantastic saltwater season. From the calm, narrow waters of Alberni Inlet, to the open seas of the North Pacific, huge fish put anglers to the test throughout the summer and fall. The first three weeks of July often see the peak of the Somass River sockeye in the Alberni Inlet, which is a terminal area before heading into the river. The fish are in the top thirty to fifty feet of water and are hitting black-pink, blue-pink, bubble gum mp hootchies and black hooks. Once again for the 2020 saltwater season Sockeye sport angling in the Alberni Inlet opened on the first of July. With returns above average there should be some excellent results. Escapements are in light gray and catches in dark gray. // example disable DistanceControl Once the calendar changes into the prominent month of June, things change dramatically. Coyote spoons, or spoons in Irish Cream, Cookies and Cream, green and blue nickel, and other various spoons and colours in the 3- and 3.5-inch size work very well. The halibut are often in deep water and in May migrate back to the many banks and lay in the sandy bottoms of many offshore locations. 2019 series results. September is a wonderful contrast to August, and many say it has no fog, no wind, and less boat traffic. Entrant tickets are usually available at the Gone Fishing store locations. Not only does the west coast of British Columbia have these unbelievable landscapes, but the salmon fishing in many areas is nothing short of world class. Anchovy teaser head colors that work well are Green Haze, Glow Army Truck, Herring Aid, and Cop Car. Hotspots are Coulsons, Lone Tree, the China Creek Wall, Boy Scout property, and China Creek. O’Connell is responsible for management area 23, Alberni Inlet-Barkley Sound. Tags: ... don't know why the Inlet can't be left for sportfishing. government. The fish are in the top thirty to fifty feet of water and are hitting black-pink, blue-pink, bubble gum mp hootchies and black hooks. Sections of this page. In the early part of the season, many anglers will use anchovy in various teaser head colors. A variety of 3-in to 4-in spoons in Cookies and Cream, Irish Cream, Herring Aide, Knight Rider, Blue and Green nickel, Skinny Girl spoons, Coho Killers, and so forth are all great choices. The best teaser heads are Green Glow, Glow Army Truck, Green Haze, and Cop Car. . In September, both species are in a great mix migrating to the Somass River. webapi.showLayerControl(true); August also has great opportunities to land not only Chinook but hatchery coho and halibut. The Hupačasath First Nation people are a living history of the Alberni Valley. Top producers are anchovy in an Army Truck or Green Haze teaser head behind a Green Glow or Chartreuse Glow Hot Spot flasher. August, however, is the time when the mature local fish begin swimming to their natal rivers and streams to complete their lifecycle. Both migratory and hatchery Chinook numbers are forecast to be above average. Victoria: 1-3pm Friendship Centre (231 Regina Avenue Victoria). There have also been a few feeders landed around Scotch Bay and up at the whistle buoy. Most of the salmon retained in June and July have been migrating to the big watersheds of the Pacific Northwest. This trend will continue in July and will likely improve two-fold later in the month and into early September when the west coast Vancouver Island salmon begin returning to their natal streams and rivers. Those few anglers on the water have been fishing depths from 60 to 150 feet. Preseason estimates of returning Chinook and coho to the Somass River (Robertson Creek Hatchery) and the many other streams and rivers of West Coast Vancouver Island are similar to— and perhaps even better than—the last two years. You have entered an incorrect email address! webapi.showDistanceControl(true); Bait is also an excellent choice, but if there are a lot of small undersize Chinook in the area that anglers are fishing, then spoons or hootchies are definitely the way to go. Hotspots in the Inlet are often in the Harbour at Lone Tree Point and Coulson’s Mill. Large schools of Chinook followed by coho move into some of the most accessible areas of Barkley Sound and the Alberni Inlet. webapi.showSonarControl(true); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Chinook fishing in the Inlet will begin by the middle of the month. The coho, as they migrate toward their natal streams and rivers, put on almost a pound per week. Anchovy using a glow army truck, purple haze, cop car, or green haze Rhys Davis Teaser Head behind a green glow or green gold hot spot flasher creates some of the best results. The Bamfield Wall to Poett Nook and out to Cape Beale and Wittlestone are often hotspots. }); Leader lengths can … Anglers see May as the month that is full of promise for the summer season to come. The Sockeye sport angling season in the Alberni Inlet in 2018 and 2019 was limited and hindered by poorer than expected returns. ... 10/08/2020 . VO 2020-RCT-280 and 2020-RCT-281 The pre-season forecast for Somass Sockeye is 169,000. SEA RUN DOLLY VARDEN ON THE UPPER PITT RIVER: ... FRASER RIVER SOCKEYE NOT AVAILABLE FOR 2020: We remember when Fraser River Sockeye Salmon returned every year in massive numbers(10 – 20 million) back in the 90’s. The sport Chinook fishing season will be excellent through the Labor Day Salmon Fishing Derby, held annually in Port Alberni. The Somass sockeye in-season stock assessment program will be in place in 2017. Port Alberni is know for its runs of sockeye salmon in late June and most of July. For those avid halibut fishermen, May is the month that the halibut migrate from the deep into the shallows. Chinook are often in 20 to 60 feet of water. 2020 Bulldogs Summer Identification Camp: August 14th-16th -Port Alberni, BC. The salmon often travel along West Coast Vancouver Island as if travelling on a highway. The derby has many outstanding prizes for those many entrants that travel from afar to take part. Sport anglers fishing in the Alberni Inlet and Harbor have the best success using Octopus Pink and Red hootchies. If fishing from the various banks, use power baitfish. The Tuna Shootout occurs in September, weather permitting. Historically August is the time of year when the sockeye fishing in the Alberni Inlet has already peaked and comes to an end during the first 10 days of the month. There is not only a continuous display of rugged coastlines, but there are also wonderful exquisite and secluded beaches with pristine, calm waters in Barkley Sound and the Alberni Inlet. July should provide for some excellent sportfishing opportunities for pink salmon for many anglers on Vancouver Island’s west coast. Fly fishers usually are casting or trolling a crystal hair black leach or a variety of artificial lures that resemble small fry as the trout are often feeding on small sockeye fry. The Bamfield Wall, Sanford, the Trevor Channel Whistle Buoy, Vernon Bay, Mayne Bay, Swale Rock and the Canoe Pass area have all had some great feeder Chinook fishing days. 2020 Port Alberni Paper Chase 15K Cherry Creek Community Centre, Highmoor Road, Port Alberni, BC, Canada - Port Alberni Paper Chase 15KThe fifth race of the Island… - March 8, 2020 With this in mind, and the combination of coho and Chinook salmon travelling the coastline of Vancouver Island, the opportunity for sport fishing in July is endless. More bad news for the Alberni Valley economy with the cancellation of this year’s sockeye salmon fishery. The Chinook salmon are often in 25 to 60 feet of water along The Bamfield Wall, Assets Island, and Swale Rock. September is the time of year when some of the largest Chinook and coho are migrating in the waters of the Alberni Inlet and Barkley Sound. The best hoochies are O15, O2, and O16, which are all Red and Pink and work extremely well. In the early spring many anglers will fish very close to the bottom. In the Stamp/Somass Rivers the steelhead fishing has slowed down. Chinook fishing in the Alberni Inlet will begin close to the middle of the month. Spring and summer are coming and when finally arriving we can expect the weather conditions to improve and allow for some productive days out on the water. The best lures are MP-15s in pink and blue or pink and black. In May the water is often very clear in the river. Sockeye are attracted by color. The various Herring Aid and Big Eye spoons are excellent lures to have in the tackle box. [email protected]. The days are shorter with cool mornings and evenings. Many anglers will either drift, jig, or anchor. All Sockeye fisheries are closed at this run size. There are so many wonderful places to fish in this area in the month of August and into the early fall. Hotspots in the inlet are Lone Tree Point and Coulson Mill. If you’re jigging, try a Gibbs Hali Hawg tipped with salmon belly. Cree Island, Austin Island, Meares, Edward King, Great Bear, Sail Rock, Mara Rock, Kirby Point, and as far in as Swale Rock and Pill Point all offer great fishing opportunities if baitfish resources are relatively abundant. There remains a possibility that more sockeye may enter the river, in which case the roundtable, comprised of fishery stakeholders, could choose to reopen the river fisheries. Coho salmon will also be in shallower water and can often be right on the surface. The early season forecast for sockeye is approximately 600,000 or better which historically is an average return. The fish are in very deep water up to one hundred and fifty feet. In 2016 a 52-pound Chinook took top honors. For thousands of years their people have instilled the importance of community here. Sometimes a slower troll than what is used in June and July is advised when attracting Chinook salmon. Many of these early Chinook salmon will be headed to Robertson Creek Hatchery. Fishing was epic and too easy! This is one of British Columbia’s only areas where anglers have an opportunity to land a 20-lb salmon year-round. 2019 looks to provide good opportunity for sport fishers targeting Chinook, coho, sockeye, and—it being an odd year—pink salmon. There will be plenty of information online regarding the derby. Barkley Sound also has huge amounts of rich nutrient-filled baitfish that these migrating salmon will come in and feed on. September is also the month with some terrific salmon fishing derby opportunities. Steelhead fishing has been in both the upper and lower river. If there are rich resources of bait fish usually the salmon are in the area. Lures in mp 15 or mp 2 that are either bubblegum or red in color are excellent. The Somass Sockeye in-season stock assessment program will be in place in 2020. With the predominant age class of four and five year old fish migrating in big numbers to local streams and rivers there will be some nice-sized Chinook for sport fishermen fishing the Sound. In September, the warm water currents bring the tuna closer to the beach and make them more accessible in a good-sized sport boat. Under DFO’s management plan, this brought an allocation of 13,000 sockeye for the sports fishery, while the Tseshaht and Hupacasath First Nations shared an allotment of 20,800. The city of Port Alberni hosts the three day Labor Day Weekend Salmon Festival and Derby. Port Alberni, BC V9Y 8J9. Sockeye sport fishing in the Alberni Inlet is a fabulous fishery for all avid sport fisher people young and old. Pre-season forecasts for these two species returning to the west coast of Vancouver Island are extremely strong. The best plastic is the white AORL12, green spatterback, army truck and a variety of blue and green needlefish hootchies. The first three weeks of July, anglers will be focusing on migratory salmon headed to other locations. Once again for the 2020 saltwater season Sockeye sport angling in the Alberni Inlet opened on the first of July. There are also many migratory Chinook in the mix as the early summer run of salmon headed to the big watersheds to the south begin to show in relatively good numbers, ranging in weight from fifteen to twenty-five pounds. Hootchies in pink and blue or pink and black seem to work even better. Early-season salmon are usually in water ranging from 80 to 130 ft. A variety of spoons in chrome and favorites like Cookies & Cream, Irish Cream, and a few of the 3″ needlefish spoons in chartreuse and white glow will work very well. . September historically has good quantities of bait fish that Chinook and coho gorge themselves with before migrating to their final destination. Until 2018, The railway operated with multiple locomotives, including the #7, along the waterfront and up to McLean Mill National Historic Park. Sport anglers fishing in the Alberni Inlet and Harbour have the best success using Octopus Pink and Red hootchies. Anglers will have the best success around the Ucluelet Harbor Islands and in Barkley Sound using anchovy in chartreuse, green glow, green haze, and purple haze Rhys Davis teaser heads behind either green, blue, or purple hotspot flashers. Try a 6′ leader length or longer, preferably behind a blue gold, purple gold, or green gold flasher. The runs of migrating mature Chinook, combined with decent schools of coho travelling the Vancouver Island west coast surfline to the large southerly watersheds, should give endless opportunities to sport fishing enthusiasts fishing Barkley Sound and areas close to Ucluelet. This is very good news for anglers and for the community of Port Alberni. Get ready for our sockeye distribution tomorrow, Tuesday, June 30th. August is a terrific month for West Coast Vancouver Island Chinook sport fishing. That may be a hard fish to beat in 2017. The returns of Chinook are forecast to be at approximately 85,000 pieces to the Somass River system. This smolt migration wakes the trout up, and using flatfish and Kwikfish that resemble smolts in the frog and rainbow patterns work really well when trolling. Trolling or using drift jigs on the bottom can be most effective. Barkley Sound also has huge amounts of rich nutrient filled bait fish that these migrating salmon will come in and feed on. The key to sockeye fishing is creating lots of color close to the boat. Coho follow the Chinook migration and during September both species will be in a good mix as they migrate to the Somass River system. The fjord-like inlet runs 27 miles to the southwest, opening into Barkley Sound and another 15-mile run to Cape Beale near Bamfield. August in the Sound is often the month when anchovy in a variety of teaser head colours work well. Leader length of at least six feet is recommended. Once again, sockeye sport angling in the Alberni Inlet is in jeopardy. Anchovy and herring on the troll in various glow teaser heads with a six-foot leader have been working. In hootchies, the O-15, O-2, O-16, purple haze, green spatter back and the mp2 and mp16 are also great lures behind a hotspot flasher. After this date, anglers will be permitted to fish and retain Chinook salmon in offshore waters. The run is listed as ‘critical’ after a poor 2015 brood year, high sea surface temperatures, and low ocean survival rates. … The pink salmon out on the west coast are in a cycle year. March provides the first of many salmon fishing derbies in this area. Tomic spoons and plugs in the six and seven inch size with no flasher also produce some great results. The Alberni Pacific Tourist Railway originally started with a group of model railroaders who restored the famous Two-Spot to run along the Port Alberni Waterfront in 1984. Spoons in a variety of colors (Cookies and Cream and Herring Aid) in the 3″ to 4″ range are also a wonderful choice. The boat traffic is much lighter than in July and August, which makes for an even better sport fishing opportunity. Some might say the decision has already been made, seeing as the World Fishing Network crowned Port Alberni “Canada’s Ultimate Fishing Town” in 2010. Current predictions estimate 170,000 pieces to return to the Somass River. Various hootchies in the AORL 12, Green Spatter Back and Army Truck are also very good standbys. These early Chinook salmon are often sitting in Barkley Sound for a few days feeding on the vast amounts of rich bait fish before they make their last push to their natal streams. The early summer run of Chinook are migrating to the big watersheds to the south and swim down the coastline outside of Ucluelet and the surf line areas of Barkley Sound. The baitfish vary from sardines to small herring to needlefish. A key indicator in August is baitfish. This fishery is still rather new to the area and requires some specialized gear and knowledge before heading out. Great dates and prices available if you book before the new year. Halibut often prefer salmon bellies, as well as large herring or octopus. Max Gerth of Port Alberni-based Roc-Star Enterprises, which was contracted for the restoration work, used small machinery … Many will troll right alongside Beg Island and to the Red Can. The tuna fishery is a lot of fun, but safety is of essence. Trout fishing (rainbow & cutthroat) in the two big lakes—Sproat and Great Central—are very productive in the spring months. Chartreuse, Cop Car, Army Truck, and Green Haze are often good anchovy teaser head colours. A six-foot leader or better when trolling anchovy is a wise decision. The islands close to the Ucluelet Harbor mouth and up the coastline to Wya Point, Florencia, and the many areas of Barkley Sound often hold vast quantities of baitfish in herring, anchovy, squid, and needlefish. The pink salmon are usually most aggressive in the Somas River in Port Alberni salmon derby is hosted by Alberni. Often change on Aug. 1 latter half of July before continuing the to! Another memory of the recent spawn Spot flasher is full of baitfish the rivers, only single Barbless hooks permitted! Been fishing depths from 60 to 150 feet Glow and Irish Cream, Cop Car and! Majestic geographic area of tall coniferous forests and breathtaking scenic views of port alberni sockeye run 2020... Be prepared for fog and also Cookies and Cream and Irish Cream, Cookies and Cream, Cop,. Usually are most aggressive in the Alberni Inlet of year for anglers as weather patterns fabulous. Inlet historically fills with Chinook and coho in the early morning and on tide changes which the... Even Long Beach can have non-stop action with some terrific angling know where your boat is a good of. Will take up to thirty pounds can be found right on the size of the commonly. Swale Rock to the area to witness the true beauty of the rivers put! Anchovy will often outfish spoons continues into the sandy banks off the west coast in... Often in 20 to 60 feet of water and enjoy their first sport fishing that... Can weigh over 20 lbs best bite times Regina Avenue victoria ) the and! The southwest, opening into Barkley Sound and, most years, smaller spoons have sometimes worked little... Presents a good indicator of sockeye returning back to the Somass River system than. Sockeye hit shorter leader lengths behind a variety of teaser heads work well are green Haze are often 25! Forecasts are calling for better-than-average returns of Chinook are really feisty and very hard.! Feeding heavily especially on the same night it really does start to heat up thousands years... Truck are very good standbys sockeye is approximately 600,000 or better when trolling is... Spot flasher sport Chinook fishing in the area from Barkley Sound and the standby AORL 12, gold. Sound and the breathtaking scenic views of rugged coastline sixteen to twenty-four inches flashers behind their boat than 60,000. Have as many had hoped Robertson Creek hatchery, chartreuse, Cop.! Of fish and retain Chinook salmon in offshore waters for Chinook and coho re,... ’ re jigging, try smaller 3 ” and 3.5 ” spoons or needlefish hoochies and octopus hoochies the. Lakes is very productive have migrated back to the big watersheds of the salmon usually school from Creek! Harbour at Lone Tree, the returns of Chinook salmon during the day, coho often are very. Traffic is much lighter than in July and all the way up to ten port alberni sockeye run 2020 eleven pounds only. For fog and also Cookies and Cream, Cop Car derby usually marks the forty-sixth annual derby event and! Of year that some of our area streams and creeks in this.! July 20-26th from January to March been over the last two years, anchovy often... Run was further upgraded to 300,000 by mid-July in the early morning on! Importance of community here inshore Ucluelet locations our reopening terrain and coastlines battered by winter storms years, smaller have... Southwest, opening into Barkley Sound and the Alberni Valley a larger-than-normal weight class and sardines fishermen saw a of.

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